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Locksmith school training videos. Study locksmithing with quality dvd video lessons. Become a lockmith with locksmith training program.

LocksmithDVD's Customer Testimonials

See what other satisfied customers are saying about our Locksmith DVD educational home study training courses:


Thanks for the help. And thanks again for making those DVD's. They are a big help and very instrumental in helping me learn more about locksmithing. Its been a path that I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy as I continue to learn and develop.


Ventura, CA



Hi, I just purchased the automotive locksmithing 1 DVD today, I already have the basic and advanced Locksmith DVD'S (courses 1-18) your DVD's make learning the locksmith business quick and easy! I honestly thought when my grandfather passed away while in the early stages of teaching me the business,I would be out of luck with learning the rest of it,until I found your web site. I thank you for these awesome DVD's! Because of these courses I am getting ready to continue my grandfather's business which he operated for over 50 years. Thank you again and keep producing these awesome DVD'S.

Scott's Locksmithing
Wrightsville, PA

Very busy here I just got a MPVPro to do cars and have a 30 year vet auto locksmith showing me how to work things. Will be making keys for a lot of cars at a car auction with him on Mon and Tue to learn more.

But your DVDs got me started as a locksmith in all this.

Thanks again.


Branson, Missouri

I bought course 15 last week and it is really a good video so I decided to buy all the courses. Well worth the money. Very practical training from an experienced locksmith. I greatly appreciate your honesty in helping aspiring locksmiths. The level of details of every part in the videos are superb!


Winnetka, CA

Hello I'm Charles, I just want to tell you thank you for your dvds. I think the first one I got was for rekeying, wow it was good. I met a locksmith who rekeys foreclosed homes. I work for him now part time rekeying foreclosed homes. I make $45 an hour for part time work, thank you for your dvds.


Chuck In Texas

Doug, I purchased # 3 and it was great. I would like to get # 2 and # 4.


Danny from Texas

Dear locksmithdvd,

I'm not sure if you recall selling your DVD package to me a little over a month ago. I want to thank you. Your program changed my life and allowed me to pursue a career in Locksmithing. I thank you and ask God to bless you for helping me out when I was in a difficult time. I'm currently working with a mid size locksmith company in Chicago and I'm currently one of the top Locksmith's at the company. Your program changed my life.

Thanks again.

Rod From Chicago

U.S. Air Force Veteran

I wanted to say thank you. I have been watching all the DVDs and it has helped me get started working and making money doing locksmith work.

I went from not knowing much at all to now understanding how things work and I can do the work myself now. The DVDs are very easy to learn from I love the on-location parts showing the real work being done on a real lock at a real business location. I had no clue how to work on a Commercial store front lock and now I do. The re-pinning was also very easy to learn everything is. Without the DVDs I would not be able to be doing what I am doing now making money.


Ed From Georgia

Just left positive feedback with all 5-star ratings for the set I received last Monday. I commend you in making a set for budding locksmiths like me!

Bought the 13 DVD's plus book! One of the best investments ever made ! ! !

Thanks a lot!



I just want to say how pleased I am with the 11 DVD course I received!!

We do not have a locksmith in our area but I believe your course will allow me to learn the essentials of locksmithing. Sure would be nice to have someone like you living next door. Or at least within 15 miles, so we don't compete with each other.

Anyway I just wanted to say what a tremendous learning tool you have provided me.

Thank you.


Paul from Montana

I just wanted to send you an email to say thank you for your locksmith DVD courses. I am a Carpenter working in Central Australia in a large resort. Its my business and I wanted to expand the range of services I provide. I found your DVD's very informative and detailed. I can now be confident in any work I have to do on locks and I'm earning extra money with late night call outs. thanks again and keep up the good work

Kind Regards, Darren from Central Australia

I just received your fabulous courses two weeks ago and I want to tell you they are great. Everything is well presented and easy to follow. The same day I got the DVDs I was able to get some tools and was able to follow along taking the locks apart and putting them together. Now I have a few supplies and I have been able to re-key several locks. I have talked to several realtors about work and one of them got me a job re-keying a house the very next day. I really appreciate this program and what you have done for me.

Thank You,

John from Miami, Florida

Hi. I enjoyed the locksmith videos. As a truck driver for the last 14 years I know nothing about being a locksmith. So, I feel these videos are great for someone like me who is looking for a career change. I like that some of the videos were on actual real jobs and he explains what he is doing and plays out different scenarios. I also found these videos to be more affordable compared to some others. I would recommend these to others. And I look forward to starting my own locksmith business.

Thank you.

Anthony from Arizona


Just a quick note to tell you I really like your locksmith courses. I think they are very well done. I have been able to get some part-time work with a locksmith and have already made enough to pay for the courses and tools.


Rodney from New York City, NY