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Locksmith training course. Begin Locksmith career with Introduction to Locksmithing dvd lesson. Locksmith school video lessons. Learn to rekey locks.
Locksmith education training videos. Common locks locksmiths should know. Locksmithing home study dvd lesson. Learn how to change safe combinations.
Advanced locksmith school training. Locksmiths and working with high security locks. Become locksmith with quality locksmith lesson video courses. Learn to install deadbolts.

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Course 1 - Intro To Locksmithing (52 Min.) $37.50 -- Sale Price $27.50

This video, Introduction To Locksmithing, is the first in a series of home study videos designed to teach the basic skills needed to be a locksmith. This is a very important course for new locksmiths.

This video will discuss five topics:

Course 2 - Introduction To Lock Picking (55 Min.) $37.50 -- Sale Price $27.50

The subject of this video lesson is opening locks when the owner has lost the key. Most of the time, when a customer calls a locksmith, it is because they cannot get in their home or business. The keys may be inside the building or they may be lost. Either way, it may be necessary to manipulate the pins in the lock in order to open it and get into the building.

This video will discuss three topics:

Course 3 - Intro To Re-keying (78 Min.) $37.50 -- Sale Price $27.50

The subject of this video lesson is re-keying locks. Re-keying locks is one of the most common tasks performed by locksmiths and a good understanding of the process is essential.

This video is divided into three parts:

Course 4 - Intro To Key Machines, Key Duplication, Decoding, Shimming, Space & Depth Keys (53 Min.) $37.50 -- Sale Price $27.50

The subjects of this video lesson are Key Machines, Key Duplication, Shimming Locks, and the use of Space and Depth keys. An understanding of these topics is essential for a locksmith.

This video is divided into eight parts:

Course 5 - Master Keying (75 Min.) $37.50 -- Sale Price $27.50

The subject of this video lesson is how to master key locks. This is an essential skill and a common request for a locksmith from home owners and business owners alike.

This video is divided into seven parts:

Course 6 - Intro To Impressioning (59 Min.) $37.50 -- Sale Price $27.50

The subject of this video lesson is how to impression a key to fit a lock. Impressioning is the process of filing a key to fit a lock without having the use of a working key to study. Of all the skills needed by a locksmith, this one might be considered the most difficult to master. With practice however, anyone can do it.

This video is divided into five parts:

Course 7 - Intro To Drilling Locks (34 Min.) $37.50 -- Sale Price $27.50

The subject of this video lesson is how to drill a lock cylinder when picking is not an option. The ability to drill the lock virtually guarantees entry to the building. Lock manufacturers are continually making their locks more difficult to pick. This is usually done with the use of anti-pick pins such as T-pins, Mushroom pins, and barrel pins.

This video is divided into six parts:

Course 8 - Intro To Installing Deadbolts (49 Min.) $37.50 -- Sale Price $27.50

The subject of this video lesson is how to install a deadbolt. Although most entry doors now come with the hole for the deadbolt already drilled, there is still the occasional request to install a deadbolt on a door that does not have the hole already drilled.

This video is divided into three parts:

Course 9 - How to Open Locked Automobiles (47 Min.) $47.50 -- Sale Price $37.50

The subject of this video lesson is how to open locked cars and trucks. A variety of methods are demonstrated. After viewing this video, and with a little practice, you will be able to open most locked cars and trucks. The video reviews the use of a number of tools including in-the-door tools, rockers and picks, and long reach tools.

This video is divided into six parts:

Course 10 - Introduction to Storefront Locks (52 Min.) (ADVANCED COURSE) $47.50 -- Sale Price $37.50

The subject of this video lesson is how to work on storefront locks. If you have had no experience in re-keying locks, you may find it helpful to purchase video 3, Re-keying Locks, along with this video.

Storefront locks are everywhere and they are great source of work for the average locksmith. Being able to work on storefront locks is essential for any locksmith. Storefront locks are a very profitable business.

This video is divided into five parts:

Course 11 - Introduction to Commercial Locksmithing Part 1 (66 Min.)(Advanced Course) $47.50 Sale Price -- $37.50

The main objective of this video course will be to familiarize you with cylindrical and mortise locksets. You will normally encounter these locks as part of a rekeying call. However, you will also have calls to repair, replace, or upgrade these locks.

Commercial locks and hardware can be intimidating for the new locksmith but for the most part, this work is fairly easy to learn and will allow you to earn more money fairly quickly.

This video is divided into eight parts:

Course 12 - Introduction To Commercial Locksmithing - Part 2 (1 Hour and 25 Min.) $47.50 -- Sale Price $37.50

Whereas most of my courses focus on locksmithing techniques for working in the field, this course focuses on the presentation of material that you should know. The field of locksmithing continues to grow at an enormous rate. It is impossible to learn everything there is to know about locksmithing. This course presents a great deal of basic information that all locksmiths should know. Before you order, change or install commercial hardware, you should know what is in this video.

When I first began work as a locksmith I received a lot of training on how to take locks apart and put them back together. However, it seemed to me that there was a big hole in my training. Every time I went on a commercial job which involved ordering new hardware, I often had more questions than answers. This video is an attempt to fill that gap in your training. Can you answer the following questions? If not, you need this video. It covers all of this material and a lot more. This video runs 1 hour and 25 minutes.

This video is divided into eight parts:

Course 13 - Changing Safe Combinations (56 Min.) (ADVANCED COURSE) $47.50 -- Sale Price $37.50

The subject of this video lesson is how to change the combination of a safe combination lock. Combination changes are a service that you will want to be able to offer your customers. It is a skill that is fairly easy to learn and requires only minimal investment in tools. It is important for a locksmith to be able to do combination changes as your regular customers will expect this service. If they have to call someone else you could lose that customer.

More and more people now have safes in their homes. Of course, many businesses have always had safes. So combination safe locks are everywhere and they are great source of work for the typical locksmith. Changing combinations is service that you can offer which will add revenue to your business.

This video is divided into eight parts:

Course 14 - Introduction to Interchangeable Core Locks (90 Min.) $47.50 -- Sale Price $37.50

The main objective of this course is to introduce you to IC Core or Interchangeable Core Locks.

There are two general categories of Interchangeable Core Locks. Large formant and small format. In this lesson we will look at some of each. The main difference between the two is that the small format uses a smaller pin and you will need a special pin kit in order to work with them. The other major difference is that small format locks are interchangeable among the manufactures. For example you could remove a Best small format lock and replace it with a Falcon, Arrow, and Eagle or a number of other small format locks.

This is not always true with large format locks. For the most part, you cannot mix large format locks. Large format removable cores from manufacturers ASSA-Abloy, BiLock, Corbin-Russwin, Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, Sargent, Schlage and Yale are not interchangeable. Although similar in appearance when installed, they are not identical and will not replace each other.

There are a great many companies that make IC locks and it is not possible to cover the specifics of every one of them. However, if you understand in general how the locks work you can usually figure out the specifics of each supplier.

This video is divided into ten parts:

Course 15 - How To Start and Run A Mobile Locksmith Business (180 Min.) $47.50 -- Sale Price $42.50

This video presents tips on how to start and run a mobile locksmith business. There is a great deal of information presented as I have tried to explain enough, that someone who has never started or ran a business, will have a pretty good chance of knowing what to do to be successful. I am simply sharing my ideas of how, generally speaking, I would go about getting started and running a mobile locksmith business. I have over 40 years experience in business. This is a three hour video course. I have tried to present more than what might be needed, but I wanted to error on the side of more rather than presenting too little.

This course is divided into 20 parts. The course begins with discussing some of the general steps that need to be considered when starting any business. The initial setup steps are followed with a discussion of actual business operations and a presentation of the the financial nut and bolts for making the business a success. All of the information in the video is relevant but I would encourage particular attention to sections 9, 13 and 15. A good understanding of these three sections is critical and will greatly increase the chances of success. This video is divided into two sections and will come on two DVDs.

The first DVD will contain parts 1 thru 12, and second DVD will contain parts 13 thru 20.

The parts are:

Course 16 - 16 Locks You Should Know (1Hr. 52Min.) $47.50 -- Sale Price $42.50

This is a long DVD as I have tried to cover as many locks as possible and still get them all on one DVD. The video runs nearly 2 hours. I am presenting the basic features of locks and going into greater detail only where I think it is needed. The goal is to present enough information that you will feel comfortable attempting to rekey or replace the locks which are covered. This course is not for the beginner. It is assumed you have already mastered basic rekeying skills. If you do not know how to rekey locks you should also get LocksmithDVD Course #3.

This course is divided into 14 parts:

Course 17 - Installing An Electric Strike (51 Min.) $47.50 -- Sale Price $37.50

The main objective of this course is to introduce you to what is involved in installing an electric strike in a storefront door. Concerns for security are bringing more and more request for this type of service. On a regular door we have the option of installing either an electric latch or an electric strike. However, the narrow stile on a aluminum storefront doors usually makes the electric strike a better option.

In this video you will see cutouts being made and the components being installed. Many of the procedures are common to the other types of installations.

This course is divided into 9 parts:

Course 18 - Introduction to High Security Locks -- Featuring Medeco (1Hr. 58 Min.) (Advanced Course) $47.50 -- Sale Price $42.50

Medeco is probably the most well known of the high-security lock manufacturers. Medeco’s anti-picking and anti-drilling features have made it a legend in the field of high security locks. Therefore, Medeco was chosen as the subject of this video to introduce the new locksmith to high security lock. This course looks at the origianal Medeco as well as the Medeco Biaxial and the Medeco 3 locks. All of the features are reviewed and you will see the locks taken apart and reassembled. Many of the larger locksmith shops service facilities with Medeco locks. If you want to work in one of these shops they will expect you to be familiar with these locks. Even the smallest locksmith shop may be called out to either service or re-key a Medeco lock. This is a must have skill for the locksmith.

This course is divided into 12 parts:

Course 19 - High Security Locks 2 (1 Hour, 58 Min.) (Advanced Course) $47.50 -- Sale Price $42.50

The main purpose of our 19th locksmithing video is to make you aware of a number of different high-security locks and their features. Most of this home study course on high security locks will be spent on Mul-T-Lock. Before we jump into Mul-T-Lock, we will take a brief look at a lock made by Corbin Russwin with the brand name of Emhart. There will be a brief discussion of other high security locks including Assa’s Twin 6000, Abloy’s Protec and Bilock. This course also includes a discussion of Assa-Abloy’s CLIQ technology. The Schlage Everest, Everest 29, Primus and Primus XP will be covered in the next course (#20) which is devoted exclusively to Schlage locks.

This locksmith course is divide into ten parts:

Course 20 Schlage Locks (1 Hour, 59 Min.) (Advanced Course) $47.50 -- Sale Price $42.50

Before looking at the high-security features of Schlage locks, we'll look at characteristics of each of the three major keyways currently offered by Schlage. The three keyways are known as classic, Everest or Legacy Everest, and Everest 29. Each keyway type also includes a number of sub families. For example, in the Legacy Everest family, we find Everest B, Everest C, and Everest D sub families. In addition, there isSchlage’s high-security primus and primus XP features, which can be integrated into most of these keyways. Also, most of Schlage's locks can be purchased with or without a UL 437 rating. So, there are quite a few possible combinations when ordering Schlage locks. These designations will be explained in more detail as we work through this locksmith course.

After looking at each of Schlage's keyways, we will discuss primus and primus XP features. Following our discussion of primus features, we will look briefly at current Schlage patents. We will then take a detailed look at primus and primus XP which will include a rekey of a primus lock. We will also rekey an Everest 29 key to work a Legacy Everest lock.

This locksmith course is divide into 12 parts:

Automotive 1 -- Introduction to Automotive Locksmithing -- Featuring Ford Locks (3Hr. 49 Min.) $95.00

You get nearly four hours of instruction on two DVDs. Automotive locksmithing is a very large subject and it is not realistic to think that a person could watch a 45 minute course and begin work in this field. Consequently, this first course is nearly FOUR HOURS long. Even with a four hour course we cannot cover everything on this topic and Auto 2 is currently in production. We believe Auto 1 covers enough material that it will allow a person to get started working in this field. The course covers basic skills that apply to nearly every vehicle. You will also learn how to make the key from the VIN number.

Following is a partial list of what a person should be able to do after viewing this course. (This course will probably need to be viewed more than once.)

This course is divided into 18 parts and will come on two DVDs:

Disc 1:

Disc 2:

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