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Automotive Locksmithing 1

Introduction to Automotive Locksmithing -- Featuring Ford Locks (3Hr. 49 Min.) $95.00

Course Description:

Jump into the field of automotive locksmithing with this new course. You get nearly four hours of instruction on two DVDs

We have had many requests to make a course dealing with the skills needed to be an automotive locksmith. This course, Auto 1, is in response to those requests. Automotive locksmithing is a very large subject and it is not realistic to think that a person could watch a 45 minute course and begin work in this field. Consequently, this first course is nearly FOUR HOURS long. Even with a four hour course we cannot cover everything on this topic and Automotive 2 is now available to help further your learning. We believe Auto 1 covers enough material that it will allow a person to get started working in this field. The course covers basic skills that apply to nearly every vehicle. You will also learn how to make the key from the VIN number.

Following is a partial list of what a person should be able to do after viewing this course. (The course will probably need to be viewed more than once.)

  • Be able to list the basic tools used by an automotive locksmith.
  • Be able to explain how a wafer lock works.
  • Be able to explain how a sidebar lock works.
  • Be able to explain what opposing wafers are.
  • Be able to describe the three classes of locks that have been used by Ford motor company since 1965.
  • Be able to to use the vin number to identify what year a vehicle was manufactured.
  • Be familiar with basic automotive reference books.
  • Be able to use four different types of wafer reader tools.
  • Be able to determine which wafer is the deepest in a wafer door lock.
  • Be able to use a reader tools and impressioning to fit a key to a door lock.
  • Be able to use a fill program to find the missing cuts of a key.
  • Be able to use tryout keys to make a key.
  • Be able to read a progression chart.
  • Be able to use progressioning to make a key.
  • Be able to look into a lock and determine the working side.
  • Be able to the vin number of a vehicle to get the keycode.
  • Be able to name three different types of programmers.
  • Be able to explain how to use a programmer to program a transponder key.
  • Be able to make keys for most vehicles manufactured by Ford Motor Company since 1966. (This course does not cover high security keys. That topic will be covered in a later course.)

This course is divided into 18 parts and will come on two DVDs:

Disc 1:

  • Part 1 Tools
  • Part 2 Understanding the Wafer Lock
  • Part 3 Comparing Ford Locks
  • Part 4 Wafer Reader Tools
  • Part 5 Vehicle and Customer ID
  • Part 6 Demo of Reader Tools
  • Part 7 Using a Fill Program

Disc 2:

  • Part 8 Using Tryout Keys
  • Part 9 Progression Cuts
  • Part 10 Pin Tumbler Locks
  • Part 11 VIN to Key Code
  • Part 12 Transponders
  • Part 13 Programmers
  • Part 14 Program Example 1
  • Part 15 Program Example 2
  • Part 16 Review
  • Part 17 What to Buy First
  • Part 18 Suggested Practice

Purchase both Auto 1 and Auto 2 for only $149.00.


Automotive Resources

Click here for a Cross Reference For Transponder Keys. (Please Note: This transponder cross reference information is useful in automotive locksmithing. However, it is not guaranteed. Use it at your own risk. If you discover mistakes, please let me know at .)

Here is a link to all of the STRATTEC SECURITY CORPORATION Historical Catalogs. It includes catalogs from today and back to the very first Briggs and Stratton Catalog, which was put out in 1939 and covers automobiles back to 1928.

Click here for an index we assembled on cars discussed in The National LockSmith magazine.

And, click here to view our index we created for automobiles listed in the NLAA's Auto Service Guide.

Gathered into convenient PDF files, here are lists of: HCP 1200 Code Cards, Ilco Code Cards, and Manufacturer ID Numbers.

Jet Key Catalog

HPC Silhouette Keys Catalog

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