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Locksmith school training videos. Learn to open locked cars. Locksmith dvd videos education. Tools for opening locked cars, trucks, autos.
Locksmith video lessons. Learn how to open cars and trucks with rockers and picks. Become a locksmith. Video teaches beginning locksmiths how to use car opening manuals.
Locksmith training dvds. Locksmith video teaches how to use car opening tools. Become a locksmith. Home study locksmith course. How to open locked vehicles.

Course 9 - How to Open Locked Automobiles (47 Min.) (Advanced Course) $47.50 -- Sale Price $23.99

The subject of this locksmith home study training DVD is learning how to open locked cars and trucks.

A variety of methods are demonstrated in this training video. After viewing this video, and with a little practice, you will be able to open most locked cars and trucks. The video reviews the use of a number of tools including in-the-door tools, rockers and picks, and long reach tools.

This video is divided into six parts: