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Locksmith dvd video training. Advanced locksmith lesson. Set up your mobile locksmith business.
Locksmith school. Home study locksmith training video. Learn how to start your new business.

Video 15 - How To Start and Run A Mobile Locksmith Business (Advanced Course) (180 Min.) $47.50 -- Sale Price $27.99

Tips, advice, and information you'll want to know to help you start your new Locksmith Career.

This video presents tips on how to start and run a mobile locksmith business. There is a great deal of information presented as I have tried to explain enough, that someone who has never started or ran a business, will have a pretty good chance of knowing what to do to be successful. I am simply sharing my ideas of how, generally speaking, I would go about getting started and running a mobile locksmith business. I have over 40 years experience in business. This is a three hour video course. I have tried to present more than what might be needed, but I wanted to error on the side of more rather than presenting too little.

This course is divided into 20 parts. The course begins with discussing some of the general steps that need to be considered when starting any business. The initial setup steps are followed with a discussion of actual business operations and a presentation of the the financial nut and bolts for making the business a success. All of the information in the video is relevant but I would encourage particular attention to sections 9, 13 and 15. A good understanding of these three sections is critical and will greatly increase the chances of success. This video is divided into two sections and will come on two DVDs. The first DVD will contain parts 1 thru 12, and second DVD will contain parts 13 thru 20.

The 20 parts of this lesson are: