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Locksmith training video lessons. All about interchangeable cores. Locksmith school home study video courses. How to decode interchangeable cores.
Locksmith education. Equipment for pinning IC locks. Locksmith school. Advanced video course. How interchangeable cores work.
Become a locksmith. Learn about SFIC systems in this advanced dvd. Locksmithing video school. Equipment for working with inerchangeable core locks.
Become a locksmith. Locksmith training dvd teaches you to pin and install IC locks. Advanced locksmith training course. Introduction to SFIC sytems.

Course 14 - Introduction to Interchangeable Core Locks (90 Min.) (Advanced Course) $47.50 -- Sale Price $27.99

The main objective of this locksmithing home study DVD video course is to introduce you to IC Core or Interchangeable Core Locks.

There are two general categories of Interchangeable Core Locks. Large formant and small format. In this lesson we will look at some of each. The main difference between the two is that the small format uses a smaller pin and you will need a special pin kit in order to work with them. The other major difference is that small format locks are interchangeable among the manufactures. For example you could remove a Best small format lock and replace it with a Falcon, Arrow, and Eagle or a number of other small format locks.

This is not always true with large format locks. For the most part, you cannot mix large format locks. Large format removable cores from manufacturers ASSA-Abloy, BiLock, Corbin-Russwin, Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, Sargent, Schlage and Yale are not interchangeable. Although similar in appearance when installed, they are not identical and will not replace each other.

There are a great many companies that make IC locks and it is not possible to cover the specifics of every one of them. However, if you understand in general how the locks work you can usually figure out the specifics of each supplier.

This video is divided into ten parts: