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Course 12 - Introduction To Commercial Locksmithing - Part 2 (1 Hour and 25 Min.) (Advanced Course) $47.50 --Sale Price $23.99

Whereas most of my courses focus on teaching locksmithing techniques for working in the field, this course focuses on the presentation of material that you should know. The field of locksmithing continues to grow at an enormous rate. It is impossible to learn everything there is to know about locksmithing. This course presents a great deal of basic information that all locksmiths should know. Before you order, change or install commercial hardware, you should know what is in this video.

When I first began work as a locksmith I received a lot of training on how to take locks apart and put them back together. However, it seemed to me that there was a big hole in my training. Every time I went on a commercial job which involved ordering new hardware, I often had more questions than answers. This video is an attempt to fill that gap in your training. Can you answer the following questions? If not, you need this video. It covers all of this material and a lot more. This video runs 1 hour and 25 minutes long.

This video is divided into eight parts: