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Interior of Keyless Lock Sample Image
Keyless Lock Course 21 Keyless Entry
Simplex Lock installed Interior of Keyless Lock

Course #21 - Keyless Entry -- Featuring Simplex and Alarm Lock (1Hr. 55 Min.) (Advanced Course) $27.99

The topic of this course is keyless entry. We will be looking at three keyless locks. We will first look at two keyless mechanical locks, the Simplex 1000 series, and the Simplex 900 series locks. Then we will take a look at one battery operated lock, the Alarm Lock 2700 series lock. Keyless entry is catching on and offers a great opportunity to locksmith to expand their business. These locks are fairly easy to install as no special wiring is required. They are also easy to program and maintain. Much of what we learn about these locks will also apply to other manufacturers of keyless locks.

Only one job will pay for this course and the skill learned will pay many times over.

This course is divided into 10 parts: