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Advanced locksmith video training. Working with high security locks. Locksmith video education. Learn Medeco locks.
Locksmith school dvd lesson. Learn key control programs. Become a locksmith. Home study video courses. Learn to rekey Medeco high security locks.
Learn locksmithing. Educational Locksmith video. Cutting Medeco Keys. Locksmith school dvd video courses. High security locks.

Video 18 - Introduction to High Security Locks -- Featuring Medeco (1Hr. 58 Min.) (Advanced Course) $47.50 -- Sale Price $27.99

Medeco is probably the most well known of the high-security lock manufacturers. Medeco’s anti-picking and anti-drilling features have made it a legend in the field of high security locks. Therefore, Medeco was chosen as the subject of this locksmith education video to introduce the new locksmith to high security locks. This course looks at the origianal Medeco as well as the Medeco Biaxial and the Medeco 3 locks. All of the features are reviewed and you will see the locks taken apart and reassembled. Many of the larger locksmith shops service facilities with Medeco locks. If you want to work in one of these shops they will expect you to be familiar with these locks. Even the smallest locksmith shop may be called out to either service or re-key a Medeco lock. This is a must have skill for the locksmith.

This course is divided into 12 parts: