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Study locksmithing. Learn about the tools for installing electric strikes. Advanced locksmith training school. Components of electric strikes.
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Video 17 - Installing An Electric Strike (51 Min.) (Advanced Course) $47.50 -- Sale Price $27.99

This Locksmith training DVD teaches you about installing electric strikes for storefronts.

The main objective of this course is to introduce you to what is involved in installing an electric strike in a storefront door. Concerns for security are bringing more and more request for this type of service. On a regular door we have the option of installing either an electric latch or an electric strike. However, the narrow stile on a aluminum storefront doors usually makes the electric strike a better option.

In this video you will see cutouts being made and the components being installed. Many of the procedures are common to the other types of installations.

This course is divided into 9 parts: