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Locksmith video training school. Installing deadbolts. Locksmith dvd video education. Tools for installing deadbolts.
Locksmith home study course. Parts of a deadbolt. Learn locksmith skills. Locksmith training. Installing deadbolts.
Locksmith school educational dvds. Installing deadbolts is a basic locksmith skill. Locksmith lessons. Learn to install deadbolts with locksmith school dvd.

Course 8 - Intro To Installing Deadbolts (49 Min.) $37.50 -- Sale Price $19.99

This Locksmith home study DVD lesson is about installing deadbolts.

The subject of this video lesson is how to install a deadbolt. Although most entry doors now come with the hole for the deadbolt already drilled, there is still the occasional request to install a deadbolt on a door that does not have the hole already drilled.

This video is divided into three parts: