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Locksmithing training. Learn to drill out locks. Locksmith edcation dvds. Tools for drilling locks.
Become a locksmith. Lock drilling techniques. Video demonstration. Study locksmithing.  Lock drilling is an essential skill.
Locksmith video school. Drilling antipick locks. Learn to be a locksmith. Home study dvds. Lock drilling skills.

Course 7 - Intro To Drilling Locks (34 Min.) $37.50 -- Sale Price $19.99

The subject of this locksmith home study DVD is about drilling locks that cannot be picked open.

How to drill a lock cylinder when picking is not an option. The ability to drill the lock virtually guarantees entry to the building. Lock manufacturers are continually making their locks more difficult to pick. This is usually done with the use of anti-pick pins such as T-pins, Mushroom pins, and barrel pins.

This video is divided into six parts: