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Learn locksmithing. Lock shimming educational dvd. Locksmith education training dvd. Learn to use a key machine.
Become a locksmith.  Key cutting and duplicating dvd lesson Locksmithing video school. Learn to decode and cut keys.
Locksmith school. Become a locksmith. Learn how to use space and depth keys. Study locksmithing. Locksmith education video for shimming locks.

Course 4 - Intro To Key Machines, Key Duplication, Decoding, Shimming, Space & Depth Keys (53 Min.) $37.50 -- Sale Price $19.99

The subjects of this locksmith home study DVD lesson are: Key Machines, Key Duplication, Shimming Locks, and the use of Space and Depth keys.

An understanding of these topics is essential for a locksmith.

This video is divided into eight parts: