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Locksmith education. Learn to Rekey Locks. Locksmith training video. Disassemble and rekey residential locks.
Locksmithing video school. Disassemble and rekey commercial locks. Locksmith home study classes. Tools for rekeying locks.
Learn to be a locksmith. Basic locksmith lesson - How to Rekey Locks. Become a locksmith. Lock rekeying educational video.

Course 3 - Rekeying Locks (78 Min.) $37.50 -- Sale Price $19.99

The subject of this Locksmith DVD video lesson is re-keying locks.

Re-keying locks is one of the most common tasks performed by locksmiths and a good understanding of the process is essential. This locksmith training video also demonstrates how to take different locks apart so they can be rekeyed.

This video is divided into three parts.