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Learn to be a locksmith. Lockpicking lesson and lockpicking techniques. Locksmith home study. Picking and pinning locks.
Locksmith lesson videos. Lock cylinders explained. Locksmithing dvd lessons. Pick locks open and remove lock cylinders.
Locksmith School training videos. Lockpicking is a necessary locksmith skill. Locksmithing video school.  Lockpicking tools and how to pick locks for the beginner locksmith.

Video 2 - Introduction To Lockpicking (55 Min.) $37.50 -- Sale Price $19.99

The subject of this locksmith home study DVD lesson is lockpicking.

Most of the time, when a customer calls a locksmith, it is because they cannot get into their home or business. The keys may be inside the building or they may be lost. Either way, it may be necessary to pick open the lock to get into the building.

This video will discuss three topics: