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LocksmithDVD is Your Source for Commercial, Residential, and Automotive Home Study Locksmith Training DVD Video Courses --  We Will Beat Any Advertised Price On Any Comparable Program  -- Just Give Us A Call  209-277-9147

Earn Extra Money or Change Careers!!! -- We Will Beat Any Advertised Price On Any Comparable Program !!!!  Just Give Us A Call  209-277-9147

Our 23 Video Courses, over 33 hours of instruction, make it easy to learn locksmithing at home at your own pace!!!

Five Ways to Buy our Locksmith DVD Training Program:

Option 1. Buy the individual courses, - priced as marked

Option 2. Buy the Basic Training Program, Courses 1 - 8, - $139

Option 3. Buy the Advanced Training Program, Courses 1 - 21, - $399

Option 4. Buy all available courses, 1 - 21 plus the Automotive 1 Course, - $450

Option 5. Buy the Advanced Training Plus Program: Courses 1-21, Auto 1, Book, Tool Set - $695

We will beat any advertised price on any comparable program.

New Newest Locksmith Courses:

Auto 2 --  Continue training as an automotive locksmith.  Auto 2 picks up where Auto 1 left off.  Learn more advance skills for making automotive keys.  Auto 2 is currently being offered for $59.00.  If you already bought Auto 1, contact us for a $10.00 discount on Auto 2.   For new customers purchase both Auto 1 and Auto 2 together for only $149.00

Auto 1 Get into the lucrative field of automotive locksmithing with this course. You get nearly 4 hours of instruction on two DVDs for only $95.00!   Purchase both Auto 1 and Auto 2 for only $149.00.

Course 21 -- Keyless Entry Introduction to Keyless Entry -- Featuring Simplex and Alarm Lock.  Learn to change combinations and program the locks.  Only one job will pay for this course (115 Min.)  On Sale Now for only $27.99 

Course 20 Schlage Locks You get almost exactly 2 hours of locksmithing lessons on Schlage locks. This video covers Primus and Everest keyways. Normally $47.50 - Sale Price: $27.99

Course 19 - High Security Locks 2 Course 19 features nearly 2 solid hours of instruction on working with Mul-T-Lock, Emhart, and Assa Abloy. Normally $47.50, this instructionable locksmithing course is on sale for $27.99

(Note: Click on the individual courses listed at the left to see a sample video clip for each course.)

Learn how to become a locksmith. Start with the basic training program and add the advanced courses later or buy all 23 video courses now and save even more.  Be sure to see our Q & A page and also review our testimonials.

The Basic Locksmith Training Program

Learn how to become a locksmith. This program is designed to teach locksmiting skills. It will teach you basic and advanced locksmith skills.  It will give you the confidence you need to get started making money as soon as possible. You can actually start making money after learning the skills presented in the first four videos. Please review what is covered on each DVD.

The first eight courses cover the most basic skills. More advanced topics are covered in courses nine through 21 and our new AUTO 1 and Auto 2 courses. Additional DVDs/Videos, which cover other topics, will be available soon. Dollar for dollar, we think this is the best locksmith training video school available anywhere. With this program you will quickly acquire the skills to begin earning money.

Do not think you can get a better program by paying more. We have reviewed nearly every program on the market and can assure you that our program is a very good choice. We offer more courses with more information at a lower price. Call us to discuss our program any time between 10:00 AM and 9:00 PM EST -- 209-277-9147

With these videos it is like being in the front row of a class at a locksmtih school. In fact, with the close-up shots, you can actually see better than if you were in the front row. Please review the testimonials on the testimonials page and see what other customers like you thought.

I was a licensed locksmith working in California for many years. 90% of the work I would normally do is covered in the first eight courses. If you want to get into locksmithing fast, these eight courses will take you there. There is no reason to spend four or five times as much on a home study program. Many home study courses take months to complete and you cannot actually see the work being completed.

The basic program consists of the first eight courses. Courses 9 through 21, and Auto 1 and Auto 2, are more advanced. You can buy the courses individually or as a package. The package deals offer considerable savings. Individual courses, the Basic Program, the Advanced Program, and the Advanced Program Plus (which comes with a book and some tools)  can all be purchased from the "All Courses" page. All packages of eight or more courses will come with the Bonus Material.

Locksmithing is a subject best learned by watching someone perform the work. This is the same material covered in nearly every locksmith school.  In addition, we include a great deal of material that others do not include.  Review each one of the 23 sample clips and you will see many of the topics that are included.  If still in doubt, please review the descriptions of each course.  There are programs on the internet that promise to include as much, but they simply don't.  Many people buy some other video program only to be dissappointed.  We know this because they call and tell us.  They often start the conversation by saying "I wish I had not wasted my money on some other video program....".

The DVDs/videos can be purchased and viewed separately. However, for someone completely new to the field of locksmithing, the first six are best viewed in order, as they do build on each other, just like a normal school program.

If you study this basic program you can start a locksmith business offering a number of services which can easily average $75 (or more) per job. Depending on the area you live in, you may be able to average a lot more than $75 per job. Most jobs take less than an hour. That is a conservative estimate and it will vary by area. Where I worked at, in Northern California, the average is higher than $75 per job. If you can get commercial work, it is much higher. Only two jobs can pay for the basic course. If you average only four jobs per week, in your spare time, you can pick up an extra $1200 per month. Many full-time locksmiths report incomes of over $100,000 per year.  If you only want to do lockouts, you can probably get by with just buying courses #2 and #9.  However, once you do a lockout you can often make a lot more money by making additional keys, installing new hardware or rekeying what is there.  There are endless opportunities.  If you have never run a business before, you may also want to get course #15.  Of course, buying all courses at one time offers the greatest savings.

Enjoy the freedom of working for yourself.  It really is true that you could actually begin making money within a few hours of receiving this course.  The skills in the first four videos can be learned in only a few hours.  With those skills, and a few tools, you can go to work.  Why spend months waiting on some other program to get you earning money?

This LocksmithDVD Training Program can change your future. If you are looking to acquire a new trade, and you enjoy working with your hands, you should really take a look at the field of locksmithing. It is fairly easy to start your own mobile locksmith service.

Not only is the locksmith business fascinating and fun, it offers a great potential for financial security.

Along with this video course, we do recommend that you pick up a good book on locksmithing and follow along in the book as the topics are covered in video. The book will be a good companion, but there is no way it can show what you will see, and learn, in the videos. A book is included with our Advanced Training Plus Program.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. LocksmithDVD is a locksmith training video school program. It is a program that offers great opportunity to those who have the initiative and commitment to learn the skills of a locksmith, and put them to use. If you have always wanted to attend a locksmith school but couldn't, here is your chance to learn locksmithing.

You will need to research and comply with locksmith licensing requirements in your area before beginning your business.

The prices shown on this website include shipping inside the 50 States. We do not ship to every country. If you live in a country other than the United States, please contact us before you order to ask about shipping to your home country.